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May 2016: APQ1 grant awarded for research project "The design of interpersonal services" by Faperj, Rio de Janeiro.

May 2016: external member of committee for hiring assistant professor for IAD-UFJF, Juiz de Fora.

April 2016: started co-supervision of doctoral student Jairo da Costa Junior at IDE-TUDelft, Delft.

March 2016: invited lecturer at Aalto University's MSc International Design Business Management, Helsinki.

March 2016: started supervision of MSc students (Alan Felismino and Carolina Lamin) and PhD students (Aline Lopes and Márcio Tristão) at PPDESDI-UERJ, Rio de Janeiro.

February 2016: invited editor of special issue on service design for Design Studies.

I concluded my bachelor's studies in Industrial Design in 2003 at Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial (ESDI) of the Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ), following an exchange semester at the Fachhochschule Potsdam, Germany. In 2007, I was awarded a MSc degree in Strategic Product Design and, in 2012, a PhD in Service Design, both cum laude, by the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. As of April 2015, I am Adjunct Professor, Coordinator of Research, and Vice-Coordinator of the Post-Graduate Program in Design at ESDI-UERJ.

My research has been published in leading design journals, including Design Issues, as well as in the proceedings of several international academic meetings, such as Design Thinking Research Symposium, EGOS Colloquium, 4S Conference, and RESER Conference. I have also lectured or presented my work at design and business schools based in Brazil, Finland, The Netherlands, North America, and United Kingdom.

extended cv (in Portuguese)

Secomandi (2015) Bodies as Technology: How Can Postphenomenologists Deal with the Matter of Human Technique, Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays in Human-Technology Relations, eds. Robert Rosenberger and Peter-Paul Verbeek, p. 105-121.

Secomandi (2015) Design e as interfaces de serviço, Estudos em Design 22(1).

Secomandi and Snelders (2013) Interface Design in Services: A Postphenomenological Approach, Design Issues 29(1).

Secomandi (2013) Thinking through the Service Interface, Design Philosophy Papers 1/2013.

Secomandi (2012) Interface Matters: Postphenomenological Perspectives on Service Design, PhD thesis, TU Delft.

Secomandi and Snelders (2011) The Object of Service Design, Design Issues 27(3).


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